• Melissa Martell

The Agathon Engine & the Fourth Wave with Edward Pandemonium

Updated: Jun 13

Edward Pandemonium joins us today to talk about his book Agathon Engine (available on Amazon).

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From Agathon Engine Book:

"Futurist author Alvin Toffler labeled the three historical 'waves' that completely transformed human society: agriculture, industrialization and information technology. Looking at these historical changes and at current events, it is possible to extrapolate a new and even more transformative wave that is emerging now. The Fourth Wave is consciousness, itself, often metaphorically described as light or fire, harnessed as a technology just as literal fire or electricity have been.Fourth Wave builders and change agents have two aims going forward and need to make an especially powerful start in this decade. The first is to explore the untapped potentials of consciousness, determine how to refine them, integrate them, and apply them with precision in life and in the world. The second aim is to understand and bring all the various aspects of personal, social, cultural and material existence into alignment with that first aim and with each other in support of its realization and the manifestation of Fourth Wave civilization. The Agathon Engine is an initial primer for facilitating and accelerating this process."



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Intro and Outro music: Initiation by Mantra Flow