D:Programmed Podcast could be considered an offshoot of my former podcast, The Secret Door. When I started in podcasting and writing it was through the lens of the paranormal. However, as I progressed in the research I realized I was continuously researching and covering cults and human psychology, so D:Programmed Podcast was the obvious next step in the direction of learning about the world.

D:Programmed is focused on exploring educational content that analyzes cults and why humans gravitate towards them. There will be a variety of guests that come on and talk about their topic from a different perspective, be it the occult, academia, corporations, therapy, literature, and yes even the paranormal.

​Topics include psychology, extrasensory perception, psychic ability, intuition, occult practices, mainstream media as a cult, cult leaders, human consciousness, unexplored consciousness, alternative realities, and solutions that help you build a stronger self. Of course, as we grow so do the topics.

​Becoming never ends, therefore our discussions will always have new pathways to enter and explore. Thank you for your support, please subscribe on all platforms and share the content to help me grow.



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