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I started off in this crazy podcasting world as a graphic designer, designing websites and eZines on the paranormal and for The Folklore Podcast. I ventured into podcasting with  Drawing Out The Spirits and The Secret Door. As I interviewed people on the paranormal, occult, cryptozoology, ufos and beyond, instead of becoming convinced of the valid existence of these topics, I became more aware of severe mental health issues and a growing and dangerous presence of cults online. 

In 2020 I decided to start D:Programmed to focus on more solid studies of cults and human consciousness. I also began to form new professional connections beyond the often illusional world of the paranormal. Talking about real online abuse, cults from the past and present, and how our own psychology is affected when we believe things other than facts and truth. 

D:Programmed is focused on exploring educational content that analyzes cults and why humans gravitate towards them. 

​Topics include psychology, extrasensory perception, psychic ability, intuition, occult practices, mainstream media as a cult, cult leaders, human consciousness, unexplored consciousness, alternative realities, and solutions that help you build a stronger self. 

I want to thank you all for the the support and I appreciate the subscriptions and sharing of all content!



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