Melissa as Frida Kahlo Self Portrait

It's Time To Get D:Programmed

Melissa Martell Podcast Host

Welcome to D:Programmed Podcast, a show where I explore, discuss, and present elements of cults, consciousness, occult, and science.  I've been podcasting since 2018 and have gathered a variety of experience while interviewing people on topics of the bizarre.  Now with my show D:Programmed I am covering three areas I see as important in Western Society. 


From Angels, to U.F.O's, from Jim Jones, to Satan, and folklore to science, D:Programmed will navigate it all with me, your host, Melissa Martell.  Join me on livestreams with guests and solo live chats to engage about what is going on in our culture! 

And remember, DON'T JOIN A CULT! 


The podcast streams live on YouTube, Twitch, FB Live, and Twitter weekly depending on guests schedule. Be sure to visit Linktree and subscribe to your favourite platforms so you are notified of up and coming livestreams! 

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