Melissa as Frida Kahlo Self Portrait

It's Time To Get D:Programmed

Melissa Martell Podcast Host

Welcome to D:Programmed Podcast, a show where I explore, discuss, and present elements of cults, consciousness, occult, and science.  I began podcasting about the paranormal in 2018 and my experience with different co-hosts and a myriad of guests had me questioning how I was coming at that entire spectrum of topics. 


I began to notice that critical thinking skills were essentially lacking in terms of what people actually stated, and their evidence for paranormal, ufo, cryptozoology and the occult was more akin to belief than any tangible proof.  It also, more importantly, had me questioning my own lack of critical thinking skills, in order to sharpen my own boundaries and approaches when engaging with, what essentially started to become nonsense. 

Another element that became obvious was tribalism on the internet and how groups that were meant to be a fun community had turn into religious, almost cult like operations. UFOs, Conspiracy Theories, Politics, Marxism and much more have swirled together on the internet to create some concerning cults, regardless of what political spectrum one falls on. 

So, I want to thank-you for joining the podcast. I have a variety of different show styles, including livestreams, pre-recorded interviews and edited shorts, available on almost all platforms, to choose from.  CLICK HERE FOR LINKS